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What exactly is SocialChimp?

SocialChamp is a powerful social media management tool that helps you to bring more traffic to your website. It will also help you to increase engagement and will save you time.

Without having a proper structure for your social media management you are not able to drive traffic to your site and so you are losing a lot of traffic due to your mistake. Are you stuck in thinking and planning about social media posting? You don’t need to worry about the SocialChamp will help you to solve such a problem. Social Champ will make the process easy for you.

SocialChamp is a tool that will help you easily schedule, analyze and structure your social media management system. The SocialChamp is a result-driven method that will help you to increase the traffic and engagement to your website.

 Do you know how the SocialChimp come into existence? The founder was is a great effort to build the easiest social media handling software for you. The amazing book written by Mr. Guy Kawasaki was a key book that gave the founder a way to build the SocialChamp.

As you know social marketing really means sharing your content at the right time and keeping your profile always alive and fresh. The Social Chimp is a tool meant for that. 

For a marketer there will be many tough jobs to do, Shuffling from social media posts to email marketing campaigns to blog posts and a lot more jobs. It is very difficult to look after all jobs separately and so around 50% of the marketers use tools that automate their work to save time and effort.

The world, attitude, lifestyle all are changing and like so the market has also been changed from convectional marketing to social media marketing. Almost 70 percent of customers are online and they cannot be entertained with occasional deals and vouchers they need the proper marketing pitches! The Social Champ is a product that can be used by everyone who needs to save time while managing social media works for their customers, clients, and company.

Do you know what makes the SocialChamp effective?

1) The SocialChamp will help you to schedule all the posts for your client in an advanced method.

2)The SocialChapm also have the facility to repeat the scheduled post any time you need.

3)The feature called Auto Post RSS Feed will help you is social sharing, You not need to be bothered about it anymore.

4)Dump all your content into a folder and schedule that completely as a campaign with a single click.

Platforms where work is done?

1)This will help you with Facebook marketing. You will be able to Create, Schedule, and analyze posts for different Facebook pages and groups in a single tab. You can increase the audience by having a good engagement with them. You will be able to add hashtags, images, GIFs, tag pages, and whatnot! Schedule posts when your audience is online 

2)This will make you more active on Twitter. Are you thinking about how it happens? just 3 things make it happen schedule, tweet, repeat. You can grow your retweets, likes, and engagement. This will make your presence in Twitter more strong. Your followers will feel that you are always there. This makes you active on twitter when the audience is active in different time zone.

3) The SocialChapm will help you to repeat your evergreen pins. You can schedule pins on the best timing or directly share images on your Pinterest account through a chrome extension. It will keep your Pinterest board active and creative.

4) This will help you to grow your business on LinkedIn. You will be able to schedule content in both the LinkedIn profiles and company pages. Search, upload and schedule images, videos or text all in one window. This helps you in the automated posting of your Favorite RSS Feed and will keep tracking your analytics and by that, you may know your most engaging post.

5) This can be also used on Instagram. This will help you schedule the posts so that you can make your Instagram profile more attractive and strengthened. It will also monitor your top-performing content. Collaborate with your team. Upload royalty-free images directly from the tool.

6) In this, at a time you can post or schedule posts, in all the social media together. You can add your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to it and so it will save you time.

 The thing makes SocialChamp unique is that the SocialChamp is offering you all features under a single tool. 

Features of SocialChamp

1) You can schedule posts and also can do bulk post

2) Automate your profiles through RSS

3) You will able to select the team you dreamed to manage your accounts.

You will be able to invite your team to achieve social media engagement and management goals. Your social media account can be shared with your team members without sharing the credentials. All your work gets simplified you can just sit and monitor the activity of your team members and the posts they scheduled you will also have the power to restrict them the access when you need.

4) This helps you to have centralized control over all your social media account

 The most attractive feature you will love is that SocialChapm will repurpose your content effectively. This automation of repurposing and repeating will help you save time. The automation will help you to distribute content on multiple social networks such that Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. at a time. 

By one CSV file, you will be able to upload the bulk of posts together and also will able to upload tons of content. The repeat posts are a feature offered by the SocialChamp to you so that you repeat the valuable posts automatically and thus it will reach everyone. You can do it easily just by setting the number of times it needs to be repeated and with how much interval. 

5) Level up

The content creation is one of the powerful strategies. But the problem you may face is that it will take a while and it will reduce the frequency and this will result in losing the audience. Social media content curation will help you to fill the gap that takes you to create content. It will help you to organize and effectively upload to schedule valued content all over the social media platforms.

The SocialChamp will help you to automate the curation content and by turning on the auto-posting via RSS option will help to automatically post any story that comes up on the topic you searched

“+RSS” button is given to save your searches and by using the chrome extension you can simply curate the content without any effort.

6) One-click Post to many Platforms

switching between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn to post will be one of the most annoying tasks you may be facing. Social media presence is one of the key factors for marketing and growth of the company. 

Auto-posting will help you to be engaged always. You can post and schedule the posts on different social media networks by just one click. You can also make a schedule for each profile separately. While adding the posts, means when you schedule your post you must add at different tie throughout the week for better engagement.

7)Post media files

You can post the GIF files that you like according to the post. The thing you do for the same is that just you need to select the one from the features GIF or you can search for the specific one of your liking and then you can add it to the post. The happy news is that the SocialChamp has partnered with the PexelMay so that you will be able to get the pictures easily, You no need to go through the hustle of downloading images and them into your post. This makes work easy and saves your time. This feature offers you a large number of free images that help you t make work easier by every second and the main thing is that all the images provided are without the watermark. You are also given the image editor, filters and stickers and that makes you feel the quality of the Adobe.

8)No need to change the tab

By using the SocialChamp you will be able to share a picture, blog post, videos or any content from anywhere to your social media without changing the tab in just one click by using the chrome extension.

Chrome extension will help you in 3 ways.

Install the SocialChamp chrome extension

9) Track Your Social Media Performance!

It will always track your social media posts and take the right steps to grow your digital presence by tracking and monitoring the engagement on each post. It will help you know your audience better by understanding your top-performing content and plan your growth strategy accordingly. It will also help to sort the analytics by clicks, likes, comments, or retweets and export analytics in a CSV file to get a better conclusion.

10) Social Media Management App

It helps to manage your social media profiles using social media management application. As time is the ting always lack for all active personalities. If you are a traveler you maybe miss out on the time for posting. This application will help you to schedule all your posts and check the details of your future posts. You can create the time slots by custom, you can schedule your post and publish the content on the fly and thus make your presence more fulfilling.

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