Are you a blogger or online marketer? Do you have your own blog? Do you feel like your blog is not noticed by others? Do you feel like the reach to your site is low?
Don’t worry any more Similar Content is made for you. It will help you to make your content more relevant. It will help you to rank your content.

Simply writing content in your blog is like stitching comics on your normal wear. No one will be noticing it. In the same way, if your content needs to be noticed you need to rank them. The SimilarContent will help you to build content that will rank for the target keyword.

The app can be described in short

1) The SimilarContent helps you to optimize the Content Score and keywords for your copy in real-time.
2)It helps to do the same with the help of a live text editor that supports 15 languages.
3)It will help you understand the topic difficulty based on LSI calculation and it will help you to boost your content relevancy score to rank your
4)Rank with few to no backlinks by maximizing for content relevance
5)The SimilarContent is best for Bloggers, Writers, SEO agencies and content marketers.
6) It will help all who want to top the search ranking with more relevant content.

The SimilarContent is launched as an SEO content optimization tool.

How they help you?

Do you want to get on the first page for all the keywords that convert views to you? By using the SimilarContent app you can be able to do it. Enter a focus keyword into the Keyword Difficulty tab to check its difficulty score and then you will be able to analyze the top ten Google searches for that term.
By this, you will be able to see how the competitors at the top of the focused keyword search optimize their content and will be able to do better than that.

The features of the SimilarContent is always helpful to you. It will give you the (1 to 5 word) keyword and key phrases that you should include in your title and meta description that helps to rank high for the focus keyword.

The SimilarContent consists of a tab called Content Optimizer tab it will help you to precisely edit the content you write for the focus keyword/phrase. After you complete the work it will search the similar contents on the web and will compare your content with those contents.

Now you can analyze content from an external link or copy/paste your content into our live text editor. Then you will be able to sharpen your content according to the keyword suggestions. You will be able to see the changes in the content score in real-time at every change. Thus you will be able to take the actions according to change in score.
Know exactly when your article is fully optimized. The one thing you should always be concerned about is that don’t over-optimize it. If so Google can penalize you for. Persnickety.

The main attractive function of SimilarContent is that it will help you to find high-quality keyword suggestions. That will help you to analyze your content and make sure you don’t miss any off those keywords. And turn up or cool down keyword frequency so that each keyword has the optimal %.
By using SimilarContent you can find longtail questions you should address while writing the content, see macro content categories, brainstorm topics, and find promising micro-niches to target.


More features


Would you want to rank your page for the keywords related to your focus keyword? Then the Keyword Ranking Predictor is going to help you. It is a tool patented by SimilarContent. It will let you look behind the curtain to see your odds for ranking for related keywords.
The SimilarContent also offers a tool Article Re-writer that helps to paraphrase content automatically. It will automatically paraphrase content, fix errors, optimize, and get copy ready to publish. SimilarContent will support 15 languages and 190 countries.

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