Are you in a search of a tool to Collaborate With Teams For Precise, Timely, and Actionable Feedback? The Fronter will be the best choice for it. It is the new way to collaborate with the team For Precise, Timely, and Actionable Feedback.

Are you thinking about how it happens?

One of the major issues you face as the head of the company or team is that you may need to use a different type of tools just to provide feedback or edit to your team. Now you may need to deal with thousands of screenshots, screen recordings to give the feedback. You may need to spend a lot of time on an infinite number of emails and wastage of storage for the edit and feedback of clients and team members. It is such a messy job and wastage of the time.


Fronter Review

The new launch Fronter is bought to solve all such problems faced by you. This is an application that let you have control over all the complete centralized feedback process. Visual elements that can be used in application make it easy to use.

The Fonter will help you to collect feed feedback on any web link or design file with a ready-to-use mechanism. This is the easiest and fastest tool for the same. By using this will be your new favorite feedback tool with real-time collaboration.


There is no need for any type of prior installation or plugin. You just need to paste the link or upload the file to start the visual annotating. All the feedback on the link or file will be stored in your account so that you can go back at any time to have a look.


You can just point and click elements to leave comments. The attractive part is that With Fronter, you will be able to mention your team members in a comment to join your feedback session.

Step 3:

Fronter will enable you to join crew members to cooperate on a project and helps to consign comments as tasks. The Fronter also has different features such that you can even invite customers by simply sharing a link or by adding their email.

Features of Fronter

1)Interpret any visual element on live websites

As you all know that making the corrections of visual things on site is very frustrating to work. You should need to have lots of screenshots, lots of unclear instructions and the message will often get lost. The Fronter is a great relief for such problems. The Fronter will allow you to stick comments anywhere on any live website. All you need is to have a link to paste.

2)Place comments on mockups and prototypes

Usually, you may waste a lot of time to review emails, files, and follow-ups. The Fronter will help you have a shareable and sticker friendly page to transfer your mockup. This will help your designer and will make him pleased. 

3)Get your stakeholders on the same page.

Another major problem faced by you will be that getting feedback from more than two people. Fronter will give you control over your feedback round by bringing together all the peoples involved. It will help you to add contributors and unlimited guests to your designs for a steadier workflow.

4)Guide the communication back to your project management tool

Fronter will help you to connect to all the project management tools to integrate feedback into your workflow. So that there will be no issue even if you don’t implement it in the spot.nYou will never lose the feedback. Are you thinking about how it happens? The Fronter will help you to attach details like OS, browser, and screen resolution.

Now let us discuss different uses?

 1) You may be feeling it difficult to give feedback on the visual outlook of the site. By the Fronter, you will able to communicate the changes in the site exactly and easily with the designers so that they will be able to do it for you and you will be able to have that site you have dreamed of.

2)You will be able to communicate with the developer easily you will be never wasting time by endless emails and screenshots.

3) The Fronter will help you to extract and pass on the details your team needs to solve a bug.

The Fronter mainly uses a centralized feedback system. By using this you will be able to leave a comment where you identify the issue or where you need a change. The best part is that the comment can be seen by everyone. At the same time, you will be able to mention the right person by using @ symbol thus wasting the time sending the email will be ended.

While talking on other advantages of fronter you will be able to collaborate the stakeholders to the project so it will be easy to communicate and share ideas. The usage of the Fronter will bring your team closer so that it will help you to be organized. You can also have ideas from external stakeholders by inviting them as a guest. It is so simple you just need to share a link. There is no need for an account.

The fronter will give your work a good flow. Your workflow is mainly distracted because of the scattered feedbacks. You can connect the Fronter with your favorite management tools so that your work will be aligned and efficient. The fronter will end notification on the last update you have done so that you will be always in the loop of progress. You will be able to export the comments or threads to your project management tool as tasks and you can also give aa details along with them so that the group members will be able to understand it easily

The Fronter can automatically retrieve all the technical aspects related to the issue and attach them along with the task. So that your team will understand it easily. 

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 It will attach the operating system details from which the issue was reported.

Your task will include the browser where the bug was spotted for maximum accuracy

 The URL of the page is automatically communicated in the task

 Screen type will be transmitted with the task to give precise context to your team

 A screenshot of the page is automatically attached to the task when exported

Fronter extracts the exact date and time where the bug was marked and sends it with the task

You can connect the Fronter with project management tools such as Slack, Trello, Asana, Basecamp, Monday, Jira, Gitlab, Github.

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