All will have dreamed about having their own talk show. isn’t it? Now it is time to wake up and stop sleeping about hopes and dreams. The thing we must think is that to get in front of the audience there is no need for any fancy equipment or a studio. The new launch BeLive is been for this.

A short review of the product:-

in short, The BeLive is a streaming platform that makes it easy to create branded and professional videos that will help to boost your business.

Today in the digital age everything is different. In this standing in front of the competition means you are standing in front of your audience.

The BeLive will help you to make the videos easily. It is a video platform that is easy-to-use. The main three things that should be by a video is that brand awareness, convert leads and promote engagement. By the application, you will be able to create a professional branded live video that will help to satisfy all the three needs. There is no need for any type of DSLR, complicated lighting and umbrella thingies required.

The BeLive has the features to customize the videos with your company logo, graphics, and animated text. The BeLive will also help to change up colors and backgrounds at any point during the live stream.

The BeLive will make more engagements. The BeLive makes your audience engage in the Real-Time and it will make the viewers into participants by showing the comments they make into live streaming video on the screen. it also uses the third text to spotlight a topic or ask a question.

In the BeLive, you will be able to easily share your screen, Images or even pre-uploaded videos to show viewers your latest work or show them about the tool that you are using presently.

When you come to growing your community the things become more enjoyable. In the interview usually, experts will be in talk show style that will help to reach more peoples and will increase the engagement. There will be a guest link provided to you that will help you to share it with others to invite them to the live.

The BeLive is fast and userfriendly so that you can go live in minutes fro anywhere. To get start the all you need is a webcam and an internet connection.

This will also help you to schedule your broadcast ahead of time with your unique link that will help you to get engagement before you go live.

In live streaming no one should be professional you just need to look and feel like one.

The BeLive is giving you lifetime access now.


✅ It gives you a two-month free trial period

✅ It is cheaper compared to other products.

✅ Screen share

✅ It consists of a supportive and active Facebook community of BeLive users who share content and support each other on the live-streaming journey.

✅ BeLive has a nice-looking caption for each person’s name

✅ When you use BeLive to go Live on Facebook, you can show people’s comments on the Facebook live screen (See BeLive Image 2). This is one of my favorite features of BeLive.

✅ You can choose the various layout to display the guest and the host.

✅ schedule an interview on BeLive


❌You cannot record your interviews on BeLive.

❌ BeLive sometimes is not very stable

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