At final after the long waiting, it is here! The application Amazing Marvin productivity suit. It will have control over your to-do list and beat procrastination. 

It will help you to plan your day and work off your task list from anywhere. It will able you to add tasks and manage your master list anytime you need to. (All the bonus features that you know will be integrated together into the app as well)

his version has some great new features. More coming soon!

* Custom left sidebar (customize in the web app)

* Click project in Today view to open

* Mark projects done in Today view

* Mark tasks done in the master list

* Tap “Today” list title to choose sections

* Events and all-day items are shown in day

* New “Reminders” view to see/delete scheduled reminders

* Improved time track reliability

* Fixed a crash

All of you will wish to have a personal assistant to share your work to keep you from procrastinating. (As Alfred to the Batcave!!!)

Now let us be real, It will be difficult and costly to hire a personal assistant so all we need is software to automate your work.

What is Amazing Marvin in short?

The Amazing Marvin is a fully customizable productivity tool that makes use of behavioral psychology that will help you stop procrastinating and will help you to get more done.

The to-do list you made will help you to stop and get rid of all delays and it will make you more efficient. It helps you not to make you overwhelmed.

The Amazing Marvin is the one and only productivity tool that makes use of behavioral psychology and that makes the Amazing Marvel a big upgrade to your current stack of sticky notes. With the help of the Amazing Marvin, you can able to control all your projects by organizing your tsk and time better. By the analysis, it is noticed that Paper lists and basic apps do not always work for complex tasks or your ambitious goal. At the same time, the Amazing Marvel is fully customizable so you can adapt it for all your projects.

 Now, are you using a different applications for different tasks that you need to complete? Juggling multiple lists if such a fed-up thing to have. It as the same as picking where to eat dinner with your significant other and no one needs that kind of stress.

 The Amazing Marvin is combined with both the time and task management tools. So that you will be able to use the one according to your need to amp up your productivity.

 About  feature

  1. The time tracking features given in the application will help you to improve your time management.
  2. The second feature is the task list which is the feature that helps you to get control over your to-do list with a streamlined, easy-to-use interface.

One of the major problems you may face is that you are not sure what time management system works best for you. Don’t need to be a worry. The Amazing Marvin will help you to do the same. The Amazing Marvin will help you to try different management techniques so that you can learn what strategy or strategies work best for your brain and your work.

You can use the strategies features to customize your calendar and task list with priority stars, different views, custom labels, and much more. it is just like picking the topping at your favorite froyo place.

You can combine different strategies, By combining different strategies you can take the advanta=ge of the behavioral psychology behind Amazin Marvin and learn new strategies and techniques as you create the workflow that will work for you.

 The main part that makes the Amazing Marvin different and unique compared tom the other task management applications is that its customizable features and also gives you access to the next level of organization. The other feature is that “Separate different projects into their own categories” and you will be able to drag and drop tasks to create a list in your daily view and so you’re ready to hit the ground running.

The exciting feature everyone will love is that you can create your own custom sidebar to batch the tasks based on the tags, priority, or other shared features so you never lose track of a project. The other thing is that in Amazing Marvin you will be able to set up automated, recurring tasks and due dates for things like monthly check-ins, paying bills and reporting.

Even now the features of Amazin Marvin are not finished it is more than that is said. The Amazin Marvin just launched a workflow library with pre-made templates for setups. This will make it easy to try out a different workflow with one click.

You can also save the workflow and share the workflow with other users. With the help of the workflow library provided to you, you can easily set up your Marvin to work with GTD, Eisenhower Matrix, Pomodoro sprints, 1-3-5 method, week planning, other to-do apps, and more.

The feature that makes the Amazing Marvin more than a digital do list is that its simple and flexible layout and fully customizable interface. The Amazing Marvin makes task and time management a breeze by integrating both tools into one app, along with adaptable strategies and tailored features rooted in behavioral psychology.

The thing is that everyone’s brain works differently —find out which strategies work best for you with Amazing Marvin.

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